Born in the Swiss Alps

CAPRANEA was born in the mountains of Graubünden, home to the majestic ibex (lat. Capra ibex). Light-footed, agile, and self-confident, the ibex inspires us with its alpine mastery, elegance, and beauty. 

Capranea harnesses this inspiration to create products with an exciting interplay of technical superiority and design, nuanced by color and fabric mixing that defines who we are, allowing you to seamlessly transition from the Alps to the streets in style.

A Swiss Development
Made in Europe

All CAPRANEA products originate in Switzerland. From the design through to the finished prototype, we develop our products at home. Material acquisition is fully controlled from Switzerland. This process is made possible by our longstanding relationships with our suppliers.

Our production is largely carried out by hand in Portugal. The geographic as well as cultural proximity to our producers is a major advantage for development, and quality. Our largest manufacturing partner is one of the leading manufacturers of functional textiles and innovation in Europe.

Performance without compromise

Moessmer is the creative partner and supplier to premium fashion labels and implements customised solutions for them. Top brands trust in the expertise of Moessmer. So do we. The Moessmer Tuchfabrik AG is one of the few textile companies today that still manufactures in fully integrated production – from wool to high-quality fabrics.

CAPRANEA goes one step further. By following a complex process, we laminate the exclusive and high quality fabric with a thin membrane on the inside. This prevents wind and water from getting in. The surface of the fabric is treated with a water-repellent finish, made in Austria. Thus, maximum protection from wind and rain can be guaranteed. Unique, innovative. And this year it comes in two different qualities.


To begin with, we set the course for a sustainable product cycle. A well thought-out selection of materials, their placement, and cutting pattern allow for controlled and resource efficient processing. All CAPRANEA designs have their origins in Switzerland. From the drawings, to the digital cutting data, through to the finished prototype, CAPRANEA develops its products here in Switzerland.

 Surplus material is a big problem in the textile business. Thanks to our many years of collaboration with Petratex lda, ( we had the opportunity, early on, to store our materials and components in a quality oriented way.  Around 20% of materials used in production are taken from our warehouse, and we ensure we use resources efficiently.

Colour plays an important role in sustainability. We deliberately do not follow any trends. Our colour concept, like our brand, stands alone, and timeless, in its own space. Self confident. Seasonal colour themes are deliberately side-stepped. Colour concepts are synchronised and this is how last winter’s themes meld into the new collection. Classic, simple, timeless, attractive.

All material procurement is controlled entirely from Switzerland. We chose materials based on longevity, origin, recyclability, and equipment. The main focus is on longevity and recyclability. We firmly believe that a long service life is central to sustainability.


Most of our production is done by hand in Portugal (>74%). Geographical and cultural proximity to our producers is a key advantage in terms of development, reaction speed and last but not least, quality. Our largest partner, PETRATEX, is considered one of the best and most innovative manufacturers of functional textiles in Europe. Sustainability is of huge importance to Petratex,

 Thanks to the development of CAPRANEA and our intensive and close cooperation with PETRATEX, over the years we been able to bring our products to a level of excellence that is second to none.

 We only produce on preorder. This means that our finished product warehouses stand mostly empty of the majority of our designs. Thus, no burdensome overstock is generated, which has a beneficial impact not only on our environment, but also economically.

Repair Service

We are proud to offer repair support of all our products. How we stock our materials, multiyear design strategies, and the proximity to our main manufacturing partner, make it possible for us to restore both older and newer garments if needed. If you have a broken zipper, or some fabric is torn, we will repair it for you as economically and sustainability as possible. Please contact your local specialty retailer to start the process.

Bonded Down Chambers

Down is extremely warm and light, making it a popular and natural insulating material. CAPRANEA utilizes best in class manufacturing techniques that include bonded down chambers, that stretch, to create a wearing experience that is 100% comfortable and warm no matter the conditions.

One of a kind –
Made in Switzerland

A groundbreaking, new coloring process by Schoeller Textil AG provides fascinating color schemes. A completely new, ecological coloring process results in coincidental fabric designs which make each garment unique. Each meter of this special colored fabric arises by chance, is unique in style and cannot be replicated. Just the right thing for our One of a kind line that celebrates the interplay of colors.

In addition to our unique color shading, our One-Of-A-Kind line also offers quite a lot on the functional side – made in Switzerland.


Every phase of our product life cycle is continuously reviewed for opportunities to reduce our footprint. Careful material selection, placement, precise pattern cutting, factory country of origin, and repair support, all play an important role in the sustainable development of product.

 We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon foot-print, whether it’s the fabrics we select, where and how we manufacture, where, when, and if we need to travel and how we transport our goods are just some of the factors we consider. The entire way we build our products says a lot about who we are, and we are women and men who love the outdoors, the mountains, and our environment.

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